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What You Should Know About Notary Public Services

There may come a time in your life when you will need notary public services. Many people have no idea what notary public services are, when they are needed, why they are needed and how these types of professionals are regulated. Here is a bit more information about notary public services.
If you have a document that needs to be notarized, you need to find notary public services. When a document is notarized, a notary public is stating under the penalty of perjury that they witnessed you sign the document. This is commonly needed for legal documents, such as divorce papers or child custody papers, that you will be submitting and not signing in front of a judge. Many mortgage companies also require their documents to be notarized. When lending such a large amount of money, they want to ensure that there is no dispute as to who signed for the loan or whether there was identity fraud involved.
Notary public services can only be provided by a legal notary public. Each state has slightly different rules for who can apply to be a notary public, but these individuals undergo training and background checks. They receive a special notary public stamp that they will use on the documents that they notarize.
If you have a legal document that needs to be signed, you may be looking to hire notary public services. The amount that notary public services can charge for these services is governed by state law, so you will not find different prices for these services. As such, you should find a location that is convenient for you. Here at Olga Huerta Insurance Agency, notary public services is just one of the many services that we offer. Visit our office in person when you need a document notarized.

Notary Public Services: About Us
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